My Story in Piaveri

My name is Alba Versave Casa Quinatoa, I was born on December 31, 1981. Today I am 37 years old and have worked for Piaveri for 20 years. The history of my life in Piaveri began on May 1, 1997. At that time I was 16 years old, and I also had a great need to work; Piaveri gave me the opportunity to demonstrate the desire I had to contribute to the company.

I started working without any knowledge of roses, but from the first day they had a lot of patience in teaching me, over the years they have all been very good and have shared their knowledge in the handling of roses.

It has been 20 years in which I feel grateful for the work I have, they have always been very punctual when paying; with my salary I can afford all my expenses, the most important has been the education of my children.

I also have gratitude with the actions of the farm with Fair Trade. With their projects they have helped us from having hot water with heating, to having a kitchen to prepare food for my family; the help is of great importance for all of us who work at Jardines Piaveri, since they make our dreams come true.

My name is Beatriz Puco I am 43 years old, I am happily married and I have 4 children. 18 years ago I started working at Jardines Piaveri. Day by day we learn how to grow roses, and that knowledge teaches us to value our work, to be responsible, be respectful of nature and our fellow human beings and be supportive in difficult times we can have.

Together with the Engineers, supervisors and colleagues, we give the best of us day by day because our desire is for the company to move forward.

In these years we have had beautiful experiences, the company witnessed my marriage and the birth of my children and I am sure that it will be with me for many more years.

I am very happy to be part of the Piaveri family and grateful for all the support we received.

My name is Nelly Casa, today I am 32 years old. I joined the company on May 7, 2005, I have been working in this prestigious company for 13 years. Before I worked in another floriculture company in the sector, when I joined Piaveri I met good technicians, who taught me another way to manage the plant to be more productive.

Thanks to my work and effort I have built my house and I have been able to educate my three children, I have a lot of gratitude because the company gave me the opportunity to be part of the prestige that Piaveri has.

I love working with roses, I have the responsibility to grow plants and take care of them so that the stems they produce are beautiful; I enjoy its colors very much and it motivates me to know that each stem gives happiness to people.

The company takes great care of us, we have a medical and dental clinic, besides being able to assist us, we can also bring our families, and everything is free.

I am also very grateful to the Corporation because it helps us a lot especially in the beginning of classes, the school scholarships for my children motivates them to make an effort to prepare, the white goods projects have allowed me to have appliances that I had not been able to acquire on my own.

My name is José Iza, I am 62 years old and I have been working at the farm for 17 years. In the company I am known as the "Man of Beard". I started to work with Mr. Dávalos in the construction of the winery's facilities, I was a masonry assistant in 1999. At that time I was not a permanent worker of the company, I only did several jobs for Mr. Dávalos. Happily one day, Monday, October 1, 2001, I was hired to work on the farm as a permanent worker. Since then, I made very good friends; I remember my colleague Mariano Mendoza with whom we made most of the drains of the farm, we put pambiles, we raised beds and we did several manual excavation and masonry works. Even though the work was hard, it was always very rewarding to work with Mariano.

My hands helped to raise the farm and that fulfills me with an infinite pride, I know every corner of the company and in all those spaces some work I have done with my hands. I have met many people who have been good and have always been willing to help.

With my work I managed to build my house, but what fulfills me with satisfaction is that I was able pay for my two daughter´s studies, one of them finished the University and works in a law firm in Latacunga. My daughters have filled me with joy and pride because they have taken advantage of my effort I have made in order to provide education for them.

I saw how the company grew and how it gives work to many colleagues who bring their daily bread and sustenance to their homes. For that reason I work very grateful with the company and I give the best of me every day.