My Story in Clarivel

Good day, my name is Ana Lucía Gordillo, I am 30 years old and I have been working at Florisol for 12 years. Well, before working at Clarivel I dedicated myself to helping my parents at home. When I turned 18, I decided to look for work and I found it at Florisol. On my first day, I was taught how to harvest. Once finished that work, I was sent me to the Postharvest. I stayed there for three years and I learned how to do other labors. Thanks to what I learned, the heads of the area began to take me into account in control activities such as the review of performance and quality, until one day I got a promotion as the responsible of the cold room. In order to get this position I took a test and scored the highest grade.

After two years of being in the cold room I was given the opportunity to control and be a manager of middle range of the chrysanthemum crop for two years, until I reached my current position as Post Harvest Supervisor where I have been working for the past 6 years.

My grater dream has always been to build my house, and thanks to the stability Clarivel has brought to us with their punctual and fair payments, I managed to build where I live happily with my two children.

My name is Gladys Tufiño, I am 52 years old and I have been working at Florisol for 19 years. I live in Chavezpamba, before working at the farm I used to work with my family in agriculture. I remember when I was 19 years old when my father, who was already working in Florisol, told me that they were doing interviews at the company. Thanks to him I was hired and did activities as cleaning the ground, harvesting and helping in the construction of the greenhouses. But unfortunately, I only worked for three months since I found the love of my life and I had to leave to get married.

16 years passed and when I turned 35, I decided to go back to work again, but this time in Clarivel, which was the new farm. The reason I went back to work was because I was going through an economic crisis and I wanted to contribute with more money for family, me and my husband have 4 children. In the job interview, Mr. Davalos (founder of the company) recognized me and requested my allowance to work immediately with the condition to stay for many years.

What I've always liked about the company is that Mr. Davalos rewarded us if we were good workers, once they gave me a Stereo for my good performance. They also helped me when my husband suffered an accident, when because of the seriousness he had to leave constantly with permits. They also helped me with loans to solve the calamity.

After 19 years of working for the company, it is no longer just me, but also my husband and two of my four children.

My name is Fabián Aguilera, I am 42 years old and I have been working at Florisol for 17 years. Well, I started working at Clarivel, thanks to the statement of Mrs. Tufiño Martha, resident of my parish, my dear Chavezpamba. She informed me that they were receiving staff at Clarivel, so I decided the next day to be among the firsts to apply for it. My first activity was as a farmer, harvester and other field activities, but later I worked driving the Finca's truck for 2 years in trash and flower transportation, until I arrived at my current job as gardener of the whole farm.

My goal was to buy a piece of land to make my house, and thanks to Clarivel and the payments, I managed to get a loan and nowadays I have built my house where I live with my wife and my 3 children.

I also love the trips that take place every year since, due to that, I was able to see the beach for the first time.

I hope to continue working at Clarivel to give my children an opportunity to continue studying and one day get a profession.