Expoflores Fair 2018

By: Andrea Lasso - Marketing Manager - 2018-12-10

Expoflores was a fair held in Quito from September 19th to the 21st. Its purpose was to show the quality and uniqueness that Ecuadorian flowers has to offer worldwide. Florisol & Co was one of the 115 expositors that did their best to show the finest quality and uniqueness of its flowers. There were likewise more than 86 farms and 11 cargo agencies that contributed within this event. More than 1,600 visitors joined the fair and could experience this event that takes place every 2 years. Surveys and discussions suggest this fair is fundamental for the flower industry and the perfect space to show what Ecuador has to offer. 

 Florisol & Co participated in this fair in the booth E-05. In 65m2 of space, it exposed all of its products: Chrysanthemums, Roses, Gypsophila, Spray Roses, Lillies, Kalanchoe, Callas, Alstroemerias, Tinted Products, Solidago, Delphinium, Scabiosa Scoop, Craspedia, Veronica, Dusty Miller. Florisol’s flower arrangements consisted in making unique combinations that would attract visitors into something never seen before. The stand also included a variety of activities such as a cartoonist who would draw visitors with Florisol’s products. Furthermore, bartenders didn’t miss any chance to offer food, a wide variety of cocktails and Ecuadorian appetizers. Instant pictures were taken in order to place them in a book filled with memories.

 The stand design was a unique concept for expressing how much Florisol cares about the environment and the social responsibility it achieves day by day. It tried to meet all of the standards so that people could feel outside the city and in an environment fulfilled with nature. There were wood and flower walls where people could take unique pictures but as well, flower arrangements that were really catching to the eye. 

 As Lenin Moreno, president of Ecuador points out, the flower sector offers more than 110,000 jobs and is capable to export more than 800 million dollars a year. However, Moreno presented a key point, which is that Ecuador stands as a country that can breed any sort of flowers all year long. Nevertheless, it must be alleged that the flower industry is always investing for innovation hooked on new products.  

 After the culmination of the Expoflores fair, people could see that this event was fundamental to the flower industry due to the fact that is a pronounced benefit to let the world perceive and demonstrate the exclusivity of Ecuadorian flowers.